Life Update

It’s been so long since I wrote on here. But I never forgot about my blog, I just got lazy with the lackeys. Good for nothing scoundrels.
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One year anniversary 

I’ve been here a year!!!! I know I haven’t been the best blogger, you can blame the lackeys for that. So thank you for standing by me my adoring fans, despite my ‘baggage’ (aka the lackeys). 

I promise to treat you better over the next year, if I can fit it in my busy schedule of course. 


Halloween is officially my bestest holiday

What a night!
Is it my birthday?!
I have hordes of fans arriving at my door.
The lackeys are trying to stop me greeting my darlings by making me lie on my mat.
I am sad to say that I have obliged to the mat a couple of times as I do get a treat.
However, I have also escaped!!! And found a big group of fans, consisting of at least 10 small ones.
I tried to greet all of them before the mean man lackey caught me, but I was no match for him and his giant legs.
They all loved me and asked lots of questions but man lackey just kept apologising for me. He is an idiot, they loved me.
No wonder so many dogs run away on Halloween with treatment like this…
Next time lackeys, next time.



Help, my lackey has ordered clippers. For me. I’m going to sue amazon. Luring idiot humans in with deals on prime. Who do they think they are? A multi-billion international corporation?!

 When I said I needed a haircut, I meant at a salon, not in the kitchen.  

What am I going to do? Goodbye cruel world… 

Bed Day.

Today is a bed day for me. But why, lackey, are you taking pictures of me? I mean, I get it, I’m a beautiful distraction from your life but I require a certain standard of living. Maybe you should go and do some laundry or something. I’m good here, don’t worry about me.